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MiLi Universal Charger II IntroBuy MiLi Universal Charger at Zubehor Store Now!


MiLi Universal Charger II is great for those who love to travel. With a design made for a wall socket or charging in the car, 2 USB ports that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously, and more amps to charge an iPad, it’s great no matter where you go.


MiLi Universal Charger II Benefits

Below are the benefits of the MiLi Universal Charger II:

  • Easy 3in1 package with in car charger,wall charge and USB charger.
  • AC to DC input, 2x USB outputs makes two devices charging simultaneously.
  • Syncs with iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4, MP5 and other popular cell phones.
  • 2.1A output makes the world highest output among other similar products, needs only 4 hours for iPad charging.
  • Universally adapted with 4 AC adaptors US, UK, AU, EU.
  • Suitable to carry with you any where and charge your mobile devices in any location.

How to use the MiLi Universal Charger II

How to Use MiLi Universal Charger.How to Use MiLi Universal Charger.

User Guide:

  1. The MiLi Universal Charger™ is a mini, compact and practical universal charger which comes with four interchangeable adapters thatare compatible with wall sockets in the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia & Europe.
  2. Besides supporting various socket formats, MiLi Universal Charger™ also allows users to charge gadgets in the car via a car charger adapter that comes along with it.
  3. Just plug the charger into the cigarette lighter socket to do the charging work.
  4. Another great feature of MiLi Universal Charger™ is the dual USB port which allows users to charge two devices at the same time.
  5. Users are notified when their devices are fully charged by a change of color in the two LEDs mounted.

Please refer to the video portion to watch the details.

What's in the Box?

MiLi Universal Charger II Packaging.

    1. MiLi Universal Charger II.
    2. 4 removable US,UK, AU,EU Adapters.
    3. Instruction manual.


MiLi Universal Charger-Live Demonstration Videos

Video 1 : MiLi Introduction Video.


Video 2 : Unboxing.



  • Almost all Apple devices.
  • iPhone 4/4S,iPhone 3/3GS,iPod Touch 3/4G.
  • All iPad generations
  • Almost all USB type charging Smart Phones.

Technical Specifications

For General Use:

  • Input: Car Charger12V-24V.
  • Travel Charger100-240V,50/60Hz.
  • Output:USB 1 5V/0.5A.
  • USB 2 5V/0.5A.

For Apple Devices :

  • Input: Car Charger12V-24V.
  • Travel Charger100-240V,50/60Hz.
  • Output:USB 1 5V/2.1A.
  • USB 2 5V/1A.
  • Chargingefficiency :> 85%.


  • Over-current protection.
  • Short-circuit protection.


  • Height: 38 mm.
  • Length: 68 mm.
  • Width: 58 mm.
  • Weight: 450 g.


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • For more details, please refer to the Warranty and Return Policy.

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